In Memoriam: Jane & Paul Bowles

Datum: 31/12/2018
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30th ofDecember.

Happy Birthday, dear Paul, my friend,

I got the honour to talk and work with you and to our common relationship to the art and work from Dada-Artist Kurt Schwitters, his family and our common views on the music, the opera and the people of Hannover, Lower Saxony. .

„War. Which War? Oh yes, they told me about the war…they always tell about a war.“

I guess in sense of writing, reporting, existencial reflection, but moreover education and respect I still feel my closest spiritual connection with you, Paul. I hope the sheltering sky protects you and Jane and both your souls, wherever you are right now.

In memoriam, Paul Frederick Bowles, *30th December 1910 Jamaica,Queens/New York > < + 18. November 1999 in Tanger, Morocco.

Berlin, 30th December 2018. May the sheltering sky protect your souls.

A wonderful doc on the work and life of Paul, see youtube link below:

Letter from Paul Bowles, 2117 Tanger Zocco Foto, Picture: ©Daniel Khafif, 1995 / 2011


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